How To Use This App

1. Set up your phone to play via your car speaker. If you are not sure how to do this here is a How To video.

2. Tap the Settings gear at the lower right

3. You should now see this screen:


a) Make sure “Location events” slider is on (to the right)

b) Tap the green button to “Check for updated content” (this will require an Internet connection)

5. After updates (if any) are loaded you will be returned to the main screen where you can select the tour you want to do.

6. If you see an orange button tap it to “Download Tour.” When it is downloaded you will see a Green button to “Start Tour.”

**Make sure you are at the Starting Location before tapping “Start Tour.” Your Starting Location will be listed on the opening screen “About this Tour.”

Once a tour is downloaded onto your phone you will no longer need an Internet connection (unless you want to use online maps).

Tap the “Listen to the Audio” button to start your tour narration.

Audio narration will play automatically at each stop as well as giving you travel directions from stop to stop.

If you want to see a list of all the stops and driving directions tap the 3 lines at the upper right:

If you want to view a map of all stops (including the points along the way where driving directions will play) tap the Map icon at the bottom of the screen:

The arrows on the Map screen toggle from one point to the next. If you tap a number in a circle you will be able to view that point at the bottom of the map screen. (Points are stops and the driving directions between them.)

Tapping the square icon will show you all the tour points on the map; the paper airplane icon will show you where you are located. It’s hard to see but tapping the brown gear at the lower right will enable you to turn on Online Maps which will show more detail.  Hit the X to close the Map screen.

Navigating between pages can be done by tapping Previous or Next at the bottom of the page or by swiping the page left or right.

Swiping across images may reveal additional images. Tapping on an image will enlarge the view and show the image caption.

To listen to audio (if it doesn’t trigger automatically via GPS) tap the triangular play button below the images on the app page. You will then at the bottom of your screen have the option of rewinding 15 seconds or fast-forwarding 30 seconds.

To watch videos tap the triangular play button within the image.